Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is it one of the hills

Why! Just tell him why does this have to happen? Its not that I did something wrong. I tried to be nice. I'd always did. But at the end SHIT always happen to me. WTF is wrong with me? Its not that hard to be nice back right? One smile or single "Thank You" will do right?

My life is just awesome. If you know what I mean. Oh yeah, and i quit college. Cause its been a damn dumb of me to pick that course that i thought it would be okay. Didnt even bothered to even look into that course before I took it. How stupid of me. Look at me now. Lifeless as I am. Sinful as I am.

And now, Although you people said i didnt do anything wrong but I still think I did. What actually did I do?!!! I really dont get it. Why must you get angry because of that? Cant you just put that in the past and just move on? I know its hard. And Im truly truly sorry that I hurt you.! I dont wanna hate anyone. Please. Dont make me.
Im heartbroken to see you like this. Tears are falling down. Eyes are getting wet. All I can do is hope. Hope needed in the end.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The someone that I've met

Ahhhh.! You know what? I've met someone :) I met tons of people everyday, but this is so very different. The 1st time I saw her is when she was with her friends buying movie tickets. I look at her for at least 2 sec, thats all. Then I felt weird, cause she stole my heart in that 2 sec. Thats how good she is.!

Went out with her a few times, and I enjoyed every moment of it even we didnt speak for a moment. I feel that she's a soft and a fragile person. Makes me wanna hold her in my arms forever. *wink!. Even if she doesnt like me I'll treat her as good as I can. ;)

I miss you.